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Grief: The Great Yearning by Pat Bertram is a book of empathic understanding. How many recently bereft have looked to society's guidelines for grieving and found these "norms" did not correspond to what they were feeling? How many were left confused and even more depressed because they were not "progressing" like the experts said they should? Bertram’s book is a comfort to those of us tossed into the grief whirlwind of disbelief and agony. The entire book is raw and real. Grief: The Great Yearning is a companion guide from someone who has already been there. It is a forever love letter. —J J Dare, author of False Positive and False World.

Grief: The Great Yearning by Pat Bertram is a wonderful tribute to Jeff (Bertram’s deceased life mate/soul mate) and to Bertram’s own stamina. —Malcolm R. Campbell, author of The Sun Singer and Sarabande

 Everyone needs to read Grief: A Great Yearning by Pat Bertram. It's the best grief book I've ever read, and I have read the Kübler-Ross books and The Year of Magical Thinking. Pat Bertram’s book feels like what most of us would experience, makes me feel what she is feeling, and it's written from the inside out. —Brenda Buckner Wallace, author of Brilliant Prey

If people were to ask me for an example of how grief can be faced in order for the healthiest outcome, I would refer them to Grief: The Great Yearning, which should be the grief process bible. Pat Bertram’s willingness to confront grief head on combined with her openness to change is the epitome of good mental health.” —Leesa Healy, Consultant in Emotional-Mental Health.


"Brilliant!" —Suzanne Francis, author of the Song of the Arkafina series


"Pat Bertram has a marvelous ability to write the longest parables in all of literature. She unglues the world as it is perceived and rebuilds it in a wiser and more beautiful way." —Lazarus Barnhill, author of The Medicine People and Lacey Took a Holiday


Light Bringer is TYPICAL BERTRAM: plots within plots, multiple characters with multiple agendas, fast moving, more than enough mystery and intrigue for everyone, satisfying conclusion. Great book! —Malcolm Campbell, author of Sun Singer and Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire


"Light Bringer is one of the most unique novels I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. Ms. Bertram’s fascinating characters and original subplots make this a page-turner I simply could not put down." —Deborah J Ledford, author of Staccato and Snare 

Bertram has taken the old thrilling scifi tales and brushed them with her own touch of magic that results in characters that come alive and real to readers. Bertram has merged science fiction into literature that is worthy of notice across all genres. The Light Bringer awaits to bring not only great scifi suspense, but to share a beautiful love story like no other.  Bertram's Best Yet in my opinion and that's saying a lot!  ---Glenda Bixler, reviewer


Daughter Am I "A delightful treasure hunting tale of finding oneself in a most unlikely way." -- Publisher's Weekly

Pat Bertram is a recently published author, and this is her third novel (already!). If you haven't heard of her, you might want to jump on the bandwagon now before Pat gets famous. She has a distinctive writing style, with good old-fashioned plots that drive forwards on the innocent enthusiasm of youth, and with characters that straightforwardly narrate their tales. But the stories Pat tells are thoroughly modern too, with up-to-date scientific and historical research, complex scenarios, and hints of next year's secrets and the next decade's headlines. Her characters are wonderful and flawed, old enough to have those tales to tell, and lively enough to have tales to build as well. --Sheila Deeth, author and reviewer

This was an awesome book. At age 23 Mary Stuart finds out that she has inherited a farm from her grandparents. Her father had told her that her grandparents were dead, so the inheritance is a shock but when she finds out that her grandparents were murdered she determines that she needs to know more about them. Thus, Mary sets off on a quest in which she collects an amazing array of elderly people, all of whom knew her grandfather or knew someone who knew him.

This is a tale of growing. Mary is growing up, the elderly are growing older, and love is growing between Mary and all of her group. There are some marvelous life stories here, the elders have all lead amazing lives most not on the "right" side of the law. The most important lesson is that it is so important to allow the elderly to live and die with dignity. Mary manages to learn this in time to help this group and she also learns that they will live longer if they feel useful.

All in all, an amazing story and I'm so glad that someone on DorothyL recommended this book. It blew me away from beginning to end. --Patty Anderson, Librarian

 "Pat Bertram, author of Daughter Am I, More Deaths Than One, and a Spark of Heavenly Fire, is one of the best of the new crop of small press writers. Pat’s work is insightful, superbly crafted, and completely involving.  I would unhesitatingly recommend her books to anyone who enjoys speculative fiction of the highest order.”  Suzanne Francis, author of the Song of the Arkafina series from Mushroom

“Wow.  I read A Spark of Heavenly Fire twice. The first time for the story, the second for editing. Though I’m not sure I caught much because I got so engrossed in the story…even the second time through. Bertram’s characters are heartbreaking and real. I love Kate. Absolutely love her. The description of everything seems spot on. Sounds much like New Orleans post-Katrina. Bertram clearly did her research on this one. Fabulous.” Rachael Wollet, freelance editor.

“Full of intriguing dialogue and interesting characters one will not soon forget, “A Spark of Heavenly Fire” is a truly satisfying read I highly recommend. Captivating visuals and an original theme kept me turning the pages at a rapid rate.  I look forward to more work from this gifted writer.” Deborah Ledford, author of Staccato.

"As lame as it sounds to say it, this book is a page-turner; it's the kind of story you find yourself reading at 2 a.m. because you couldn't stop yourself from reading just one more chapter. A native if Colorado, Bertram knows the territory, the kinds of facts that give the reader a true sense of place. She also knows how to make an "it-can't-happen-here" disaster story so real, that by the end of the book, the events sound down right probable. And if it happens, what will you do then? There are heroes in the book who make "A Spark of Heavenly Fire" a very compelling story and, should the need arise, who will also serve as very good role models." --Malcolm Campbell, author of The Sun Singer


Without a doubt, the best word I can use to describe More Deaths Than One by Pat Bertram is nothing less than Superb. --Author Steven Clark Bradley

Pat Bertram has created a character so unique and different, with traits that most a
uthors cannot develop, enveloping the reader in the story, the action, th
e innermost being of this man that you are transfixed on each word, page and event. Well defined characters, events vividly created helping the reader picture what each character endured, author Pat Bertram is definitely a first rate novelist, mystery writer right up there with Patricia Cornwall, Steve Berry and James Patterson. --Fran Lewis, reviewer

What are you waiting for? Read this book. Now. "More Deaths" is much better than any "bestseller" out there. The plot is constantly surprising and intricate, the characters draw you into the tale and the overall writing is top notch. -- Mickey Hoffman, author of School of Lies
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